Treatment for Healthcare Providers – Magnolia Recovery Center Hilton Head Island

Every patient at Magnolia Recovery receives a personalized treatment plan, but healthcare professionals require another level of treatment. We offer a treatment for healthcare providers specifically. Working in the healthcare industry is stressful and as a provider, the stigma of going through recovery may prevent you from finding the help you need. We’ll create a treatment plan that accounts for your healthcare background, specialized licensing, and career goals to give you the greatest chance at achieving long-term recovery.

H.O.P.E Program

This Magnolia Recovery exclusive program is a 4-week progressive, patient-engaging journey from addiction to recovery.

H – Healing
O – Openness
P – Perseverance
E – Empowerment

Week 1 – Healing

Week 2 – Openness

Week 3 – Perseverance

Week 4 – Empowerment